OK, let's be honest: who doesn't use social media nowadays? And who doesn't have a smartphone? And who doesn't see lots of picture posts every day?

There are more than 285 million visually impaired people in the world. Just like for sighted people, social media plays an important role for them.

But blind people can not see social media. They can only hear it.

What if we could create a picture format...

... that is equally usable for sighted and blind people?

That's exactly what we are planning to do:

FotoOto - The first pictures that you can hear.

how it works

how to use
How to use

FotoOto reinvents pictures.

With this app, we will help millions of blind and visually impaired people briding the gap to the world of 2 billion social media users, giving the social web a new picture format.

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We create a picture format that is accessible for all people and that combines information and emotion.

Don't you see the Opportunity in this project? (Or should we send a sound file?) So please support us with this pioneering idea to build a bridge between two worlds.